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    The Abyssal Realm.  Not much is known about this hidden dimensional tear. All the alleged information that came along was that it was literally an endless abyss. An aquatic hell of sorts, or even a graveyard. Some derivate that this dimensional alley was barren, just a simple accidental pocket created during the big bang. Most denizens of the galaxy, well, believe it is just a superstition, a thing for children. But no one was prepared, no one was even expecting it to actually have something, or at least someone living there.  This is where the so called ‘scientists’ believe it opens random portals, or simply just tears in reality or even the universe itself. But one fateful sequence of events would introduce the unspeakable to the planet earth.

In the year 2007, when humans started to study the so called ‘megafauna’, after many years of uninhabitable destruction, the humans had tried to hide the existence of an alleged UFO crash near the Mariana’s Trench. When the United Nations was called to action, they released the operation dubbed NAMEDOURE. Before they arrived on the scene, the nations discussed on whether to study the remnants or just destroy them. After a week of hard discussion and fueled arguments, they voted for the remnants to be studied.

On the day the humans found the crash, they settled in to their boats and readied for a long month of distressful observations. But, in the middle of the night, one of crew members woke up to sight of bioluminescent dust, swirling in the sky, and heading for the atmosphere. By the time he gathered the others, the dust had already formed into a cloud and was swept away by the wind, flowing into wherever it would go. But the ignorance of not reporting this to the officials was what sealed the deal.

After a couple of months, in the year 2008, the northern Marianas Isles were getting ready for a record breaking category 5 typhoon heading towards the islands, as reported the following morning. People were scurrying to their shelters, some were fighting over food, and most were heading for the airport, hoping to get the last flight, no matter where they were heading. By the time most reached the airport, the flights were gone, or just simply, cancelled.

In the midst of panic came the worst. The typhoon had reached the northern islands, and was ripping and roaring through the coast. Many feared for the worst, and those who had boats, were speeding away to, hopefully America, or Europe. Those who stayed were prepared, or at least they thought they were.

When the typhoon reached midland, a sudden thunderstorm started to occur. The city was constantly being flooded. As thunder struck, the typhoon emitted something colorful. A bioluminescent dust started to swirl, and was being thrown around constantly. As the thunderstorm started to get worse, a loud tearing sound, along with a high-pitched squeal was emitted from the middle of the street. A large black, gash of sorts tore through reality, and it opened, revealing a pitch black inside. But, something wasn’t right. Those who were watching the anomaly had a powerful, yet unholy grip of dread in their hearts.

All of a sudden, a glowing red light was shining inside the tear. It was getting closer towards the outside. People were trembling, and some tried to run towards the shelters, but the doors were either shut, or they were being lifted into the darkness beyond. Then, as fear became unbearable, a large shape exited the gash. It wasn’t clear what it was, but those who seen the thing in full glory, all of those who had, had called it, The King of Herrings.


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